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ISM Analytics: Data is King

When I was a kid, the idea of what “data” was evoked a vague image of a computer (think Commodore 64). Later on in school I learned about relational databases (hint: it’s a bunch of tables!). Now, further along in my career, with the rise of Big Data and accompanying technological advances, I’m fortunate to […]

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Facial Authentication: Frictionless Transactions for Customers

When maturity of browsers in the late 1990s was making websites more than digital posters, and getting us all into ecommerce, a constant refrain was that it was not advisable to put one’s credit card details online—fraudsters might start using your credit card. Today, due to advancement in secure network connection between browsers and servers […]

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Even before Covid-19, limiting touch on public displays was a good hygiene practice. In digital signage, whenever “interactivity” is mentioned most think of touch interactivity, but few think of social media interactivity or other forms of interaction with the viewing public. While one-to-one touch interactivity, such as downloading a boarding pass or dispensing cash from […]

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