Do you have the right accountability in your workplace facility to keep your employees and your products safe?  Most of us have gone to work at an office, warehouse, manufacturing […]
Wicket's Facial Authentication globally within the Top 25 of all algorithms submitted to the NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test.
Wicket Facial Recognition
Learn about the different applications and types of Facial Recognition technology, and why the distinction between them matters.
Privacy Man Holding Lock
At Wicket, we prioritize user privacy. Here, our CEO discusses our model for why and how.
Wicket Facial Recognition
Identify the five factors decision-makers need to look out for when evaluating a multitude of facial recognition solutions.
Facial Ticketing at Field
Wicket leverages the one thing you can't lose—your face—to be the safest and most convenient method of entry at games.
Woman Facial Recognition
With the increasing need for identity authentication, 2FA powered by Facial Recognition is the future.
In the future, AI may be King, but for now Data sits at the top. Here, our engineers discuss how we gather data at Wicket.
The ease and convenience of technology can easily overwhelm initial concerns and fears surrounding it, and FAuth is no different.
The need for touchless technology increased exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, here we discuss how Wicket addresses this issue.