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Platform Use Cases

Our lightweight facial authentication technology can be used as a biometric face scanner with use cases across industries.

biometric face scanner: Facial Ticketing

Facial Ticketing

With Facial Ticketing, fans can safely pair their tickets with their face, opting into a frictionless express entry program that speeds up venue ingress.

Gait-speed Entry

Speed up ingress by 4x, and admit groups with only one facial scan

Increase Revenue

Facial Ticketing gives fans more time to watch the game and buy concessions, with new sponsorship sales opportunities

Lightweight for Teams

Wicket technology is Integrated with most major ticketing platforms and has ticket grouping (color-coded displays for VIPs and club members)


Facial Payments

Shoppers and guests can link their face to their IDs and preferred form of payments (including mobile wallets), reducing wait-time, increasing shopper spend, and eliminating the need for physical IDs and credit cards.

Facial Ordering

Streamline payment for guests by linking their payment to their face, simplifying and speeding up purchases

Age Verification

Securely verify the age of persons making 21+ purchases and reduce the risks of manual ID checks

biometric face scanner: Facial Payments
biometric face scanner: Credentialing


Simplify credentials management, reduce the risk of shared, lost, or stolen credentials and increase accountability by ensuring only those with the right credentials can enter restricted areas.

Expedited Check-in

Eliminate long registration and check-in lines for guests and employees by using facial authentication for check-in

VIP Experiences

Upscaled VIP experiences for your gans and premium guests alike.

biometric face scanner for entry

Facial Access Control

Remove the risk of misplaced or misused credentials by replacing employee and guest IDs with the one thing they can’t lose: their face.

Employee Access

Manage access to external (primary and back-of-house) and internal entrances using Facial Authentication

Guest Management

Allow guests to use their face for limited access to buildings— only when and where they’re expected

Time & Attendance

Time-boxed entry increases accountability and safety, making large shift-worker ingress more efficient


Supplement existing solutions with an additional, more secure facial factor to restrict access to sensitive areas

biometric face scanner: Enterprise Access Control

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