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Healthcare Facility & Hospital Facial Access Control & Credentialing
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Reported False Positives

No one without permission to enter Facial Authentication-enabled facilities was allowed in

0 ms

To Decision

Less than 1 second to match someone, with masks, hats, glasses, or in poor lighting

10 ID

1 Person = 1 ID

The Wicket Platform streamlines access permissions and credentials by combining everything into one system

Touchless Access Software for Hospitals

In fast-paced and critical environments, people come and go, making it impossible to track who’s in the hospital. With a broad range of sensitive areas and potential safety-hazards, limiting and managing access to different rooms and buildings can be challenging.

Wicket Access Control & Credentialing allows employees, patients, and providers to safely pair their credentials with their face, reducing the risk of shareable credentials and improving operational accountability.

Credentialing &

Employee Check-in

Verify all people entering restricted areas in the hospital by using one credential per employee across multiple buildings, and ensure employees are checking in at the right place and time.

Centralize ID Lists by ensuring that 1 Person has 1 ID across all spaces in the hospital

Aggregate credentials from multiple access control sysyems into a single system

Simplified and quick ID verification for shift-workers, speeding up ingress

Added layer of security for restricted areas

Touchless access control for providers, employees, and patients reduces unnecessary contact

Convenient and secure entry for exclusive and employee-only areas such as laboratories, ERs, and more

Back-of-the-house and delivery bay access control, powering productivity, safety, and accountability

Reduce the risk of unknown people entering the premises

Access Control

Remove the risk of misplaced or misused credentials by replacing employee, provider, and patient IDs with their face, empowering your existing access control solutions.

Other Use Cases

Visitor Management

Allow visitors to use their face for access, enabling guest management during and after visiting hours


Supplement existing solutions with an additional, more secure facial factor for especially sensitive areas

Facial Payments

Seamless payments with ID verification reduces lines at cafeterias and other shops for both staff and visitors

Improve Hospital Security

Simplify access for providers, protect sensitive areas, and enable a digital security perimeter.

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