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The Wicket Platform

Delight guests, eliminate security risks, maximize operational accountability, and enable sensational event experiences with Wicket facial biometrics.

10 %

Reported False Positives

No one without permission to enter Facial Authentication-enabled facilities was allowed in

0 ms

To Decision

Less than 1 second to match someone, with masks, hats, glasses, or in poor lighting

50 %


Wicket's algorithm has almost perfect accuracy, as shown by our NIST FRVT 1:1 results

0 x

Faster Ingress

Wicket lanes speed up entry, reduce congestion, and improve user experiences

Seamless Facial Biometrics Technology

Our proprietary, privacy-first facial biometrics algorithms are built into our web-based platform and apps, instantly verifying fans, guests, and employees and making Wicket-powered touchpoints secure,  frictionless, and convenient.


Our web-based platform is fully integrated into access hardware, ticketing platforms, and more, making installation ultra-fast

Powerful Technology

Supported by our proprietary algorithms, Wicket technology is efficient in poorly-lit spaces and chaotic environments


We are serious about privacy—customers and end users own their data and user participation is opt-in only

On-brand Experiences

Wicket technology supports fully customized experiences for all end users, including custom registration websites, touchpoints, and more

Platform Components

The Wicket facial authentication platform is made up of three core components: Wicket Access, Wicket Entry, and our Integrations.

Access Granted Face Image
Access Denied Face Image

Wicket Access

Firstly, Wicket’s online customer and mobile application where customers can manage and customize all aspects of Wicket implementations, including list and device management, configuration of end user experiences, and usage reporting.

Wicket Entry

Secondly, Wicket Entry is a mobile application used to validate and relay ticket or entry information to users seeking access to a space and staff members controlling the entry point.

Facial Biometrics Express Entry
facial biometrics integrations wicket

Wicket Integrations

Finally, our facial biometrics technology is built by our integrations with leading platform and service providers. These span across ticketing, credentialing, payment, access control, and event management, making Wicket a versatile platform.

You can see some of our integration partners below.

Platform Features

Access & Ticketing Logs

Real-time logs of people who have presented for authentication. To ensure the privacy of all end users, there are controls in place to purge data when it's no longer needed.

Log Alert Access Granted 1
Log Alert Access Granted 2
Log Alert Access Denied 1


Lists are the cornerstone of user segmentation in Wicket, and organize Access-registered individuals by list so that each list can be assigned to individual sensors.

Lists Names for Employee Access
List for Visitor Access

Devices & Properties

Users can architect and deploy access solutions for any use case by enabling the organization and configuration of Wicket devices. Furthermore, these devices are separated into a hierarchy by property and group.

Access_Properties_Office Log


Sites and campaigns give customers control over the look and feel of the enrollment workflow for end users, allowing for an on-brand experience, such as content and visuals and messaging and communication.

Cleveland Browns Facial Biometrics Registration Site

Sensor Configuration

Sensor configuration allows customers to customize the look and feel of Wicket sensor screens to provide fully-branded experiences for end users.

Cleveland Browns Facial Biometrics Sensor


On-demand reports that show a variety of data related to Ticketing, Access Control, and more.

Access Reports

Team Alerting

Customizable alerts that streamline VIP identification, enabling faster responses and better experiences for VIPs.

VIP Alert Facial Biometrics Images 1
VIP Alert Facial Biometrics Images 2
VIP Alert Facial Biometrics Images 3
3-step process

How our Facial Biometrics Work



First, your client is created in Wicket Access and connected to different Wicket services and integrations based on your chosen use cases. 



Then, your client is configured according to use case—you can add people to lists, create branded fan registration sites, configure your sensors, and more.



Finally, you must manually invite users to opt into a Wicket program or create a registration site for the same purpose. Then, users opt in, take a selfie and upload it, and they’re all set!


Applicable Across Industries


Create Frictionless Experiences