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Facial Ticketing Software to Elevate the Gameday Experience 

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Faster Ingress

Wicket lanes reduce the number of required ingress lanes and space by 75%, also reducing costs

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Saved per Lane/Season

Wicket reduces operational needs and lead to great cost savings per Wicket ticketing lane per season

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Fans Want More

90% of fans want Wicket programs expanded, and consistently rate them the highest of several stadium features

A Software Platform Designed for Venues

The fan experience and overall operational logistics need to be smooth to keep fans coming back while securing critical stadium and team assets. Long lines and ticketing and concessions cause issues for fans, while sharable credentials put your staff and teams at risk.

Wicket integrates seamlessly into your existing software and hardware to reduce lines with facial ticketing and payments, eliminate security risks, and transform the gameday experience for fans and employees alike.

Facial Ticketing

Fans can safely pair their tickets with their face, opting into a fricitonless express entry program that speeds up ingress and allows fans to seamlessly move through the venue.

Gait-speed Entry

Speed up ingress by 4x, admit groups with only one facial scan

Increase Revenue

Facial Ticketing gives fans more time to watch the game and buy concessions, with new sponsorship sales opportunities

Seamless for Teams

Wicket technology is Integrated with most major ticketing platforms and has ticket grouping (color-coded displays for VIPs and club members)


Simplify credentials management, reduce the risk of shared, lost, or stolen credentials, and increase accountability by ensuring only those with the right credentials can enter restricted areas.


Fans and guests can link their face to their IDs and preferred form of payments (including mobile wallets), eliminating the need for physical IDs and credit cards.

Improve your Fan Experience

Reduce lines, increase revenue, and simplify gameday.

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