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Secure Facilities

Facial Recognition for Door Access to Enhance Facility Security
10 %

Reported False Positives

No one without permission to enter Facial Authentication-enabled facilities was allowed in

0 ms

To Decision

Less than 1 second to match someone, with masks, hats, glasses, or in poor lighting

10 ID

1 Person = 1 ID

The Wicket Platform streamlines access permissions and credentials by combining everything into one system

Facial Door Access for Secure Facilities

Secure facilities, from office buildings to warehouses and laboratories often represent a security and access control challenge—with many people going in and out, management of who’s where can be burdensome and complex.

Wicket Access Control & Credentialing allows employees and guests to safely pair their credentials and IDs, eliminating shareable credentials, increasing accountability, and better protecting employees, IP, and product inventories.

"We are extremely pleased with how much of a security upgrade we have had in our offices with Wicket Access. The system has been a great benefit to our company and our workforce and we intend to roll this out to all six HQ offices in Las Vegas."
Maury Gallagher
CEO & Chairman, Allegiant Air

Frictionless access control for employees, increasing safety and accountability

Faster ingress and egress for workers during shift-changes

Restrict and manage access to sensitive and employee-only areas with single or two-factor authentication

Eliminate risk of unknown people and previous employees entering

Access Control

Remove the risk of misplaced or misused credentials by replacing employee IDs with their face, eliminate long shift-worker check-in lines, and increase security.

Centralize ID Lists by ensuring that 1 Person has 1 ID across all spaces and buildings across facility

Simplified management of credentials for guests, vendors, temporary staff members, and other persons with limited access or day-passes

Easily verify every individual at all controlled entrances


Simplify credentials management, reduce the risk of shared credentials, and increase accountability by ensuring only those with the right credentials can enter restricted areas.

Other Use Cases

VIP Management

Receive alerts when VIPs enter the facility to provide a white glove experience for your most important guests

Facial Payments

Seamless payments with ID verification for reduced costs and shorter lines at cafeterias and coffee shops

Time & Attendance

Time-stamped access transactions confirm employees are at the right place and time, increasing security

Upgrade Your Security

Increase accountability, protect your most valuable assets, and improve the employee experience.

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