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Facial Event Check-in Software & Credentialing for Upscaled Event Experiences

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Faster Check-in

Wicket lanes speed up event check-in and session access

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Less Space required

Wicket lanes reduce both the space and number of lanes needed for check-in

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Satisfaction Rating

Facial check-in is always highly rated by conference attendees

Facial Event Check-in for Conferences & Trade Shows

First impressions matter. And for most event attendees, their first impression of your event is on-site check-in. Everyone has to go through what is often a lengthy, cumbersome process that takes up valuable space and resources that could be used to create better experiences for your attendees. Not only that, but ample security considerations are required for hosting large-scale events, especially with badge sharing being a constant risk.

Wicket’s event check-in software allows guests and staff members to safely pair their event credentials and IDs with their faces, upscaling and streamlining your event while increasing accountability.

Event Check-in tablet

Express Check-in

Eliminate long check-in lines and optimize space by reducing the number of required workstations, and deliver a great first impression with Wicket's cutting-edge event check-in software.

Accelerated check-in with automatic badge printing using facial authentication

Reduced space and lane requirements allow for the redeployment of staff and the optimization of both event space and equipment

Maximize your resources and take back the space you use for check-in to deliver a sensational first impression

Individualized activations for attendees with personalized onscreen greetings

Increase accountability by credentialing and verifying individuals trying to access conference sessions

Reduce the risk of event badges being shared or lost by verifying attendee IDs

Timestamp session attendance for individuals that require proof of attendance for accreditation

Session Credentialing

Ensure people attending your sessions are known and expected at your event to reduce badge-sharing and increase accountability and security.

Access Control

Remove the risk of misplaced or misused credentials by replacing employee IDs with their face, empowering your existing access control solutions.

Touchless access control for staff members for increased safety and convenience

Convenient and secure entry management for staff-only areas, such as back-stage, speaker prep rooms, or other secure areas

Empower existing infrastructure by using Wicket technology as a secondary authentication factor

Reduce the risk of event badges being loaned out or lost by verifying attendee IDs

Other Use Cases

VIP Management

Receive alerts when VIPs enter and restrict access to to sensitive areas as appropriately needed

Facial Payments

Seamless payments with ID verification for reduced costs and shorter lines at coffee shops, bars, and more

Age Verification

Securely verify the age of persons making 21+ purchases and reduce the risks of manual ID checks

Upscale Your Event

Reduce lines, optimize your resources, and maximize event-days for attendees.

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