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Facial Access Control & Credentialing for Campus Safety and Accountability

10 %

Reported False Positives

Nobody without permission to enter Facial Authentication-enabled facilities was allowed in

0 ms

To Decision

Less than 1 second to match someone, with masks, hats, glasses, or in poor lighting

10 ID

1 Person = 1 ID

The Wicket Platform streamlines access permissions and credentials by combining everything into one system

Touchless Software for Colleges and Universities

A campus is a cornerstone of human activity. Whether it be faculty, students, guests, or back-of-the-house staff, limiting and managing access to different rooms and buildings can be challenging.

The Wicket Access Control & Credentialing solution allows employees, students, and guests to safely pair their credentials and IDs with their face, allowing schools to have complete transparency and accountability for every entrance on campus.

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Increase accountability by using a single credential to ID individuals, ensuring only those with the right credentials can enter restricted areas—even on campuses made up of hundreds of buildings with multiple access technologies.

Other Use Cases

Facial Ticketing

Frictionless, expedited entry for school games that allows students and fans to connect their face to their tickets

Facial Payments

Seamless payments with ID verification for reduced costs and shorter lines at cafeterias, coffee shops, and more

Time & Attendance

Time-boxed entry makes it easier to determine and manage student and employee attendance

Improve Campus Security

Reduce lines at all campus amenities and events, improve accountability, and simplify access management for students and faculty.

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