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Building Sensational VIP Experiences

For fans who want to feel special and catered to and for premium guests who need that high-touch white-glove treatment—Wicket enhances your VIP experiences.

With our personalized touchpoints and frictionless technology, deliver a superior gameday experience from start to finish.

Speedy Access to Events & Services
Individualized & Custom Experiences
Frictionless, Hassle-free Transactions
Unique Experience with Added Value

Make Every Fan Feel like a VIP

Superior White-glove Experience


Democratizing the VIP Experience

Every fan wants to feel like a VIP. With so many ways to watch their favorite team from home, when fans purchase tickets to a game, they want more than just the action on the field—they want to feel like the entire experience is worth it.

Your fans have seen VIPs whisked past the lines, given special treatment, and more. So, how do you make all your fans feel like VIPs?

That’s easy: with Wicket, they are VIPs. When fans opt in, Wicket uses the uniqueness of your fans’ faces to provide an equally personalized gameday experience for each one of them. 

VIP Experience for Fans
Democratizing VIP Experience tablet
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Fans Want More

In a 2022 New York Mets fan survey, 90% of fans reported wanting Wicket programs expanded and consistently rated them the highest of several stadium features

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Wicket's algorithm has almost perfect accuracy across all phenotypes and ethnicities

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Faster Ingress

Wicket lanes speed up entry, reduce congestion, and improve user experiences

"We surveyed our fans after the first season, after the second season, and what we're seeing, which is part of accomplishing the goal, is that they feel it's a magical moment. They can't believe how easy it is, they can't believe how fast it is. They feel special, as well. What it's been able to do is democratize the VIP experience."
Oscar Fernandez
VP of Technology Solutions, New York Mets
VIP Experience Tablet

Upscaling Your Premium Gameday

Premium guests expect the best of the best. They not only want to feel like they’re being catered to but that they’re getting their money’s worth in a unique experience—after all, those luxury suites can be an investment.

Wicket technology takes your specialized VIP experience to the next level. Our sensors transform into assistants with frictionless and highly personalized touchpoints that wow your guests and keep them coming back for more.


Create Frictionless VIP Experiences