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The Wicket Experience

Enable a sensational fan, employee, and guest experience, improve accountability, and enhance security with ease.


Wicket Goals

Wicket’s technology is built for ease and designed to minimize friction at all touchpoints for both the customer and end user.

Our platform improves the fan, guest, and employee experience, but it’s also a seamless experience for our customers and their teams so they can build upon pre-existing assets.

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Wicket Benefits


Powerful tools that are ultra-fast to deploy

Customer Ownership

Wicket offers total ownership of Wicket-enabled programs—from hardware choices, to fully branded end-user touchpoints

All-in-One Platform

All Wicket deployments, including setup, customization, and management, can be done from a single online platform


Wicket tech is integrated with major ticketing platforms, access control hardware, and other systems, making deployment easy


A frictionless guest experience


We are serious about privacy—customers and end users own their data and user participation in any of our use cases is opt-in only

Equal Performance

Wicket provides a best-in-class experience for people of all ethnicities, with our performance proven by NIST


Wicket can authenticate faces with hats, face masks, dark glasses, facial hair, and in changing lighting, allowing guests to just walk in

High-quality facial authentication technology
Ultra-fast, Accurate Algorithm

Our software can detect, match, and authenticate faces accurately at gait-speed with 99% accuracy


Wicket technology was developed for, tested, and proven in major league sports stadiums during crowded events

Proprietary Technology

Wicket owns our product IP, with 5 USPTO patents issued (more pending), and products are developed by our in-house team

"Fans come look at the tablet and, instantly, the tablet recognizes the fan. It's almost a half-second stop. It's not even a stop—more of a pause. It has greatly reduced the amount of time and friction that comes with entering the stadium. It's so much faster. We've had really good feedback from this."
Cleveland Browns_Brandon Covert_Wicket
Brandon Covert
VP of IT, Cleveland Browns

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