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The Wicket Platform simplifies touchpoints in smart stadiums and arenas to enable sensational event experiences, allowing guests and fans to spend more time watching the game instead of standing in line.

Our stadium solution provides end-to-end facial authentication that increases revenue, improves wait-times and security, and above all else, minimizes friction so your fans, employees, and VIPs can enjoy a superior experience on gameday.

Click on the numbers to see how Wicket can transform your event experience.

Click on the numbers to see how Wicket can transform your event experience.

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Facial Ticketing

Wicket’s facial ticketing allows fans to enter smart stadiums at gait-speed, shortening lines and allowing fans to spend more time doing what they love: spend time at the game.

Access Control

Improve security with facial access control, where employees and guests must use the one thing they can’t lose—their face—to enter the stadium for increased accountability.

Smart stadiums: Facial Credentialing & Field-level Access

Facial Credentialing & Field Level Access

Increase accountability and security around restricted entrances such as field-level access, ensuring only credentialed individuals (such as your photographers, PR teams, and coaches) can enter.

Concessions & Age Verification

Eliminate concessions and beer lines with facial payments and age verification for alcohol purchases so fans can get back to watching the game and not lose out on any of the action.

VIP Management

Provide a white-glove experience for your VIPs as soon as they arrive, and ensure your suites and VIP clubs are secured with facial access.

Locker Room Access Control

Locker Room Access Control

Protect access to your players’ locker rooms with facial access control, eliminating the risk of fans, bad actors, and other unknown people accessing the locker rooms. 

Restricted Areas Management

Layer your security with multiple access control touchpoints, ensuring only credentialed individuals (such as employees or guests with day passes) can get into sensitive areas such as executive offices, conference rooms, and more.


Want to See More of our Smart Stadiums?

These are just a few of the use cases for Wicket facial authentication technology for smart stadiums. To learn more about how Wicket can further improve your fan experience, strengthen stadium security, and streamline facility operations, book a meeting with one of our specialists.