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#Facial Authentication
A group of business conference participants registering for a conference in the lobby of a luxury hotel
Maximize Resources with Conference Ticketing Software
Conference ticketing software is revolutionizing how these events maximize resources to check in guests, monitor access, and handle those all-important VIPs!
Delight Attendees with Faster Event Registration Solutions
Checking in for an event can be a frustrating hassle. But with event registration solutions using facial authentication, you can make this headache a breeze
Express Facial Authentication
Expanding On the Success of Express Facial Authentication Solutions
Case Study of 2023 NFL Season In Review: Cleveland Browns Expand On Success of Express Facial Authentication Solutions.
Facial Biometric Credentialing
Facial Biometric Credentialing: The Future of Conference Entry
Wicket’s cutting-edge facial biometric credentialing system is revolutionizing the way attendees experience conferences and trade shows.