A Software Platform Designed for Venues

Venues are some of the most crowded, fun, and at times chaotic places to be. The nature of the events can make managing ticketing and employee access a security and fan experience challenge. Not only that, but with VIP management, overcrowding, and delivering real viewer results to corporate sponsors, things can quickly get out of hand.

The Solution for You

The Wicket Sports & Entertainment Solution is built to address these core issues, including:

  • Touchless fan ticketing and entry
  • Actionable audience insights for sponsor ads
  • Crowd density measurement

Why Wicket for Venues?

 Our four proprietary software products are built to work seamlessly with your existing hardware, creating a better, faster, and safer fan and guest experience. With ultra-fast, gait-speed computer vision technology, forget about long lines and queues, and allow fans to experience all of the pros and none of the cons. 

Wicket Ticketing Kiosk
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Facial Authentication

Fans can safely pair their tickets, credit cards, and IDs with their face, allowing for seamless movement and payment within the venue. Additionally, receive alerts when VIPs enter and restrict access to employee-only and sensitive areas.

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Audience Metrics

Our sensors deliver audience insights to optimize your content strategy with viewer data validation, and provide corporate sponsors with concrete, actionable metrics. Engage fans better, and improve their experience on game day and beyond.

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Crowd Measurement

Our sensors allow your staff to minimize their response time to congested areas like concessions, restrooms, and fan shops. Using our dynamic crowd counter, determine how many people are in any space and where your bottlenecks are.

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Content Management

Use our browser-agnostic, web-based content management system to publish both sponsored and first-party content to any digital display. Design, edit, and co-create displays, and schedule your campaigns in advance.


Designed to work with occlusions, in varied weather conditions. and in hectic environments.


Our intuitive, web-based dashboard allows for simple and easy remote management.

Easy Install

Effortless installation: already integrated into access hardware and ticketing platforms.

Privacy Driven

100% Opt-in: consent is required for use of our FR software, and no photos are stored on kiosks.

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