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One of the biggest pain points for running an events center is managing the entry point for guests. Whether it’s the Red Rocks putting on a massive show or a healthcare conference hosting tens of thousands of people, that single check-in experience needs to accomplish a huge number of tasks in as short a time as possible. 

When a ticket is scanned or badges are printed, the people managing the interaction need to confirm a guest’s credentials, greet them, manage their access and seating at the event, and ensure all safety protocols are followed. VIPs need to be quickly identified and handled appropriately, and depending on the timeframe, employees may have to troubleshoot issues surrounding lodging, food, and special events. It’s a huge number of variables, and how smoothly and easily they’re handled can set the tone for guests having the time of their lives… or a nightmare they never want to repeat. 

Fortunately, there have been innovations delivering answers that accelerate check-in while saving organizers thousands of dollars along the way. Event ticketing software using facial authentication is making it easier than ever to take care of everything with a single scan that’s simple for employees and fun for your guests. Here’s everything you need to know to deploy facial authentication to speed up entry at your next event. 

What Is Facial Authentication?

Our faces are our most unique characteristics, and like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Because of this, software that’s designed to take measurements of key facial features using a digital camera can create a unique identity that can be used by organizers to quickly and securely conduct a variety of transactions. 

You can actually use biometric data from fingerprints and irises to do the same thing, but while they may be the best options for very specific applications, event ticketing is not one of them. 

  • Fingerprinting technology is slow and requires everyone who uses a ticketing lane to make physical contact with a device, so it’s not a sanitary option for the public. Plus, when it’s cold, users have to remove heavy gloves which is uncomfortable and time-consuming.  
  • Iris data can provide the extreme security required for high-risk applications like airport customs. However, it’s highly impractical for guests to have to find the perfect distance and stand still while surrounded by rowdy concertgoers.

Facial authentication is the only solution that delivers the fast, convenient, secure, and fun experience that event promoters are working to create for their guests from the ticketing lane to the final curtain call. It can even confirm identities when guests are wearing glasses or hats, so it’s always simple and easy to use. 

How Facial Event Ticketing Software Improves Ticketing

The very best tech firms have made facial authentication solutions easy to onboard and customizable for any applications that a particular event might need. As a result, it’s an extremely cost-effective investment that can save event coordinators thousands of dollars, hours of headaches, and allow them to redeploy personnel to improve the overall experience for attendees. 

Easy to Implement, Easier to Use

The top event ticketing software is designed to be used with off-the-shelf tablets and hardware so it’s easy to install and maintain. With a modest initial investment, event producers can get systems up and running in as little as 30 days, including training staff and setting up visitor profiles. 

Faster Ticketing Lanes

By linking their ticketing information to a facial profile, event participants can confirm their tickets in as little as 300 milliseconds instead of wasting minutes fumbling with phones and printouts at the check-in desk. In fact, these ticket lanes move 4x faster than regular processes, and they’re extremely accurate and reliable. The best of the best delivers 99.7% accuracy (better than the systems used by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol) and operates with a 0% reported false positive rate. 

Automatic Badge Creation and Access Management

Depending on the event, participants may need to be issued a badge, confirm seating, and be granted access to various backstage or restricted areas. Event ticketing software can be customized to automatically print badges or credentials. 

Use of facial authentication adds a convenient 2-factor authentication (2FA) element for managing access. The same software and hardware that speeds up ticketing can be deployed at any checkpoint to confirm that the name on a badge matches the face of the person holding it. 

More than Just a Ticketing Solution

Because it’s so flexible, the same event ticketing software using facial authentication that’s revolutionizing the front gate can actually be used to speed up lines and save operators money throughout the venue. Here are some of the ways that this incredible technology can be adapted for other uses:

  • ID Verification can be a time-consuming process at events and conferences to avoid badge swapping and fraudulent entry. With facial authentication, there’s never a question about who an ID belongs to. 
  • Internal Access for employees is a must for all kinds of operational needs. With facial authentication software at your event, you’ll get 2FA peace of mind behind the scenes as well as in the crowd. Best of all, they’ll never forget their ID—it’s their face!
  • VIP Management is one of the most important parts of running a successful event. Whether it’s a keynote speaker, featured artist, or esteemed guest, event ticketing software can alert staff the moment they check in. 

Streamlining Your Next Event with Facial Authentication

Putting on a major production doesn’t have to give event promoters and attendees a massive headache at check-in. With facial authentication solutions, the biggest pain points surrounding ticketing, access, and security can be transformed into a delightful experience for everyone who walks through the door. 
Start exploring what event ticketing software powered by facial authentication can do for your next production, and why it’s the leading technology choice for industry leaders who are transforming the live event experience. 

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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