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Delight Attendees with Faster Event Registration Solutions

Attendees often spend what feels like an eternity waiting in line at events, only to end up frustrated before they even get inside. They stand around watching the clock tick by and wonder if they’ll ever reach the front of the registration queue. And let’s not even mention the panic that sets in when they realize they’ve misplaced their badge after check-in. All of this is enough to make them question whether the event was worth attending in the first place.

But what if there’s a more efficient approach to this challenge? What if, as an event organizer, you could streamline the check-in process to make your attendees start your event on the right foot?

With faster event registration solutions that leverage facial authentication technology, you can cure your guests’ registration woes by eliminating long lines and greeting them with a delightful check-in experience. 

Effects of Inefficient Event Registration Processes

The effects of inefficient registration processes for an event can extend beyond the frustration experienced by attendees on-site. Long wait times and delays can impact attendee satisfaction and lead to a poor overall event experience. Attendees who spend too much time waiting in line may feel disgruntled and disengaged. This dissatisfaction can also tarnish the event’s reputation, as attendees may share their negative experiences with colleagues and friends and spread the news on social media sites.

Furthermore, inefficient event registration processes can also have a lasting effect on future attendance rates. Attendees who endure lengthy queues or encounter difficulties during manual registration may be less inclined to return to future events organized by the same host. 

Finally, a poor registration experience can erode trust in the event’s organization and management, making it difficult to attract new participants or retain existing ones.

Accelerating Event Registration with Facial Authentication

Event registration processes can be enhanced by integrating guest profiles with their biometric data using a facial authentication system. This approach will present a faster and more secure alternative to traditional registration methods.

When signing up for the event, participants upload a selfie photo, which gets associated with their attendee profile for express check-in and session access. At check-in, all it takes is a split second to be recognized and for their badge to automatically start printing, making the process easy for attendees and staff alike 

Attendees will no longer endure lengthy queues or tedious manual checks; instead, they effortlessly glide through the express check-in lanes up to 4x faster than with traditional processes. The system also offers personalized features for important guests. When VIPs arrive at the event venue, the system automatically scans and identifies them so staff is never caught off guard. On-screen messaging tailored to their status could also be displayed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for them.

Benefits of Event Registration with Facial Authentication

Facial authentication offers a more efficient approach to expedite event registration processes and delight attendees. Here are some of the benefits it delivers for all your guests:

Fast, Simple Check-In

With facial authentication, guests no longer need to endure the stress of waiting in long lines to get in on the excitement. A quick facial scan will enable guests to check into the event within seconds, not minutes. This approach reduces wait times and congestion at registration points, allowing the attendees to start enjoying the event immediately.

Customized Greetings

Event organizers can welcome everyone with customized on-screen greetings, making them feel at home and hyping them up for the experience. This adds an extra layer of hospitality as well as tailoring messaging specifically for your event. 

Support with Badge Issues

Traditional badge systems come with issues like misplacement, theft, or sharing among attendees. Facial authentication tackles these concerns by linking event credentials directly to each attendee’s distinct facial profile. Consequently, guests no longer need to worry that a lost badge will be a major problem since their details are securely stored in their facial profiles. Moreover, facial authentication prevents guests from sharing their badges with others, enabling organizers to accurately track the number of attendees present at the event.

Access Control

Facial authentication lets organizers easily control entry to restricted areas within the event venue, such as the VIP lounge or secure meeting rooms. These quick-to-set-up systems allow organizers to instantly confirm credentials and limit entry to exclusive areas, permitting only authorized individuals to access the restricted sections in the event venue.

Accelerate Your Event Registration with Wicket

Wicket’s facial authentication technology makes event check-in processes more accessible and faster than ever. Our advanced facial check-in software simplifies event registration, significantly reducing wait times by fourfold and also resolving common badge-related issues. 

Users are enthusiastic about the experience, evidenced by our remarkable 99% satisfaction rating. Attendees benefit from swift and personalized check-ins, while organizers gain better control over access to restricted areas in the event venue, bolstering operational efficiency and boosting revenue in the process. 

With Wicket, events and conferences achieve unparalleled efficiency and attendee satisfaction. Delight your attendees with Wicket’s facial authentication solutions and turn your events into a tech-forward experience that saves money and eliminates lines. 

Learn more about what our facial authentication solutions can do for you!

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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