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Facial Biometric Credentialing

Facial Biometric Credentialing: The Future of Conference Entry

Conferences and trade shows are bustling hubs of activity, bringing together people from all walks of life to network, learn, and do business. However, managing check-in and session access for large crowds can be a logistical nightmare. Traditional methods like paper badges and barcode scanners are often slow, inefficient, and prone to security vulnerabilities.

Wicket’s cutting-edge facial biometric credentialing system is revolutionizing the way attendees experience conferences and trade shows.

What is facial biometric credentialing?

Facial credentialing uses biometric authentication to identify attendees who have opted in and uploaded a photo during the registration process. At the event, attendees simply walk up to a designated express check-in lane, and their badge will automatically begin printing. 

Attendees don’t like to wait in line, and first impressions matter. In a recent poll conducted by Wicket, respondents said that the most bothersome thing about attending a conference was the long lines at registration. Data reported that nearly 60% of conference attendees waited more than 5 minutes, with a quarter of attendees waiting more than 10 minutes to get through the queue to receive their badge.

Benefits of using Wicket for conference and trade show entry:

  • Improved speed and efficiency: Wicket eliminates long lines. Attendees can enter events quickly and easily without having to fiddle with badges or scanners or wasting time showing identification. The average Wicket check-in speed for conference attendees is 4X faster.
  • Increased security: Facial credentialing is a highly accurate and reliable form of identification. It is virtually impossible to spoof, making it much more secure than traditional methods like badges and barcodes. Confirming attendees is essential in protecting all guests, VIPs, and paid speakers. 
  • Enhanced attendee experience: Wicket provides a seamless and touchless entry experience, making it ideal for attendees who value convenience and efficiency.

Integrating Wicket isn’t just a technological upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift, transforming the conference and trade show experience from badge pick-up to the way attendees network and connect. By prioritizing attendee experience and event security, the Wicket platform paves the way for more productive, efficient, and enjoyable conferences. As the demand for innovation in the event space continues to grow, embracing technology demonstrates your commitment to creating the very best experiences for your attendees. 

Conference operators who proactively embrace facial biometric credentialing will be well-positioned to lead the event space into the next era of conference and trade show innovations.

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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