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New Credential Management System for Golf Tournaments

Golf is a multi-billion dollar industry, and while that’s not the highest figure in pro sports, attendance numbers are through the roof. A 72-hole event can feature hundreds of thousands of fans flocking to the 7,000+ yards of grass and sand to watch the tournament and practice round action. 

In addition to everyday fans and golf lovers, the buzz around the game is driving demand for hospitality offerings and premium packages that allow elite patrons to soak up the tournament in style. These include incredible food, beverage, and merchandise options, relaxing and luxurious accommodations for the weekend, and premiere experiences like private clubhouses and interactions with stars.

All of these offerings need to be supported by a credential management system that creates as smooth and streamlined a process as possible. The freedom to explore the course and grounds is a huge part of the appeal, and congested hospitality zones and constant badge verification can quickly kill the atmosphere. To keep pace with the elevating tastes and expectations of new generations of fans, tournament organizers will need a credential management system that reflects the effortless virtuosity and excellence that draws so many people to the game. 

Growing Tournament Attendance

The most prestigious tournaments set records for ticket sales in 2023 with some of them drawing nearly a quarter of a million fans throughout the week. As impressive as those numbers are, events with incredible and unique fan energy can draw over twice that, and cultivating an unbeatable atmosphere is an investment for which enthusiasts are happy to deliver a return. 

The sprawling nature of a golf course is perfect for accommodating these extraordinary numbers, but that doesn’t mean managing the crowds is easy. Every one of those tickets has to be checked at the gate, and that takes a lot of staff and resources. On top of that, the sport is increasingly attracting guests who want a luxury experience, and these options produce additional credential management challenges. 

Elite Access to the Game

Tournament organizers are building out an unprecedented hospitality space for hungry guests looking to relax—but like all things golf, it isn’t just beer and hotdogs. For families and fans looking for a comfortable experience, exclusive club areas offer all-day buffets and snacks, an open bar, screens, Wi-Fi, and preferred access to hotels near the course. 

Golf is also a sport of networking, and it’s an opportunity for both corporate and individual clients to visit a tournament in style while solidifying relationships. Tournaments are also offering custom hospitality packages including elevated dining, premium experiences, and exclusive course views. Elite patrons can book a variety of options to enjoy the event in style, including:

  • Guest chalets
  • Premium suites
  • Reserved tables
  • Individual hospitality tickets

All of these selections can be paired with outstanding food and beverage service and exceptional proximity to the action, and they can be augmented with exclusive purpose-built experiences. Of course, these options require accurate and discrete confirmation of credentials to ensure that they remain exclusive for participants. A credential management system needs to be able to handle these individuals and groups quickly, efficiently, and with a flair that adds to the atmosphere of top-tier sports entertainment. 

How Facial Authentication Works

When guests build out their hospitality experience, tournament organizers can give them the option to link credential information to facial biometric data in the form of a quick selfie. It’s a simple process that allows facial authentication software at the event to recall their credentials and grant access to exclusive areas like chalets and suites. 

This extraordinarily simple and fluid experience for fans and elite guests is both an unexpected delight and an unparalleled convenience. Plus, the technology follows them throughout the course anywhere facial authentication platforms are found, so they are instantly recognized and welcomed at every door. 

The Advantages of Proper Course Management 

Facial authentication achieves these results by allowing tournaments to streamline their credential management system and accelerate access while saving valuable resources. Here are some of the highlights and holes-in-one this software delivers.

Unrivaled Speed and Accuracy

A facial authentication-powered credential management system can recall tickets and access information in as little as a third of a second, and that means faster lines anywhere they’re likely to form. This reduces the footprint of logistics solutions, allows valuable staff to be redeployed, and most importantly, keeps fans smiling. And because biometric data is highly reliable, these systems almost never return a false positive. Navigating the course has never been easier, even with swelling attendance numbers.

Eliminate ID Confusion

Repeatedly being asked for badges and IDs is extremely frustrating—especially for elite guests who have invested a lot in their tournament experience. Facial authentication makes a quick pic all it takes to gain access to exclusive areas, and an ID can be added along with the selfie to take care of all age verification processes. Finally, these platforms reduce challenges with credential sharing because they link a face to a badge. 

Potential for Integrations

Tournaments are always competing with their peers to create a fantastic event, and that includes investments in rapid services and payment processing. Facial authentication allows payment information to be linked to biometric data, and this option can be integrated with other infrastructure to create facial payment solutions that are lightning-fast and reliable.

Facial ticketing is another way to create a premium experience that can be enjoyed by any fan who walks on the course. This purely optional service extends the benefits of credentialing software to an event’s front gate and makes entry fast and fun for everyone.

Delivering a Sensational Golf Experience 

The game of golf will continue to evolve, and as new generations of superstars tee up the ball there will be unprecedented numbers of fans cheering them on. Top events and championships will continue to develop their premiere hospitality experiences, and facial authentication systems can help them make these as sensational as the performance on the course. 

Learn more about how this revolutionary software can make your next tournament week the event of a lifetime that will bring fans and guests back for years to come.

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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