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Checking into a conference is always a time-consuming process for guests. The long tables and longer check-in lines often set a bewildering and frustrating tone for an event that’s supposed to be about connecting with peers and immersing yourself in your passion.

The entry bottleneck is a major pain point for conference organizers too—the people managing each guest need to achieve an extraordinary number of tasks in as little time as possible, and a single error or lost piece of information can lead to backed-up lines full of hundreds of angry, hungry, and exhausted faces. 

Fortunately, facial authentication is turning those frowns upside down for both sides of the welcome table. This simple, easy-to-implement conference check-in software allows event hosts to confirm ticketing, security, and session credentialing. It’s lightning-fast, reliable, and even lets organizers greet guests with personalized messaging and automatic badge printing. And the best part is, it’s delivering benefits and saving conferences thousands of dollars across every aspect of their event. 

Here’s how facial authentication software can make check-in one of the most memorable and thrilling aspects of your next conference. 

Conference Logistics Challenges

Conferences are highly coordinated ballets that take a lot of planning and preparation… but they can’t feel that way to participants. In most cases, these professional events are part work, part socializing, and part freewheeling fun for the people who attend. In a perfect world, all the practical contact points like check-in and access during a conference should be as hassle-free as possible—or better still, a fast and delightful tech interaction that adds to the experience.

Unfortunately, there are several realities to conference check-ins that can make them cumbersome and frustrating. Here are some of the biggest issues that complicate the process and slow down conference check-ins to a crawl.

  • Hands-On Processes: People who have to manually confirm a guest’s ID and look up their information can only work so fast, and even when they use computers there will always be errors and omissions. These things drag down efficiency and send lines out the door. 
  • Badge Creation and Distribution: A guest’s badge is their passport to every experience they have at a conference, and creating and issuing them is a labor-intensive process. Especially when they are just nametags on a lanyard, these rudimentary IDs can be easily lost or transferred to others. 
  • Simplifying Transaction Points: Conferences are often multi-day events, and that means participants will have a lot of access points to clear beyond check-in. Most attendees expect arrival to take a little time, but once they’re inside the event, constantly waiting to get into sessions can become a real hassle.

How Facial Authentication Software Can Help

Despite the mountain of information and services that have to be managed at check-in, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare for staff. Facial authentication technology is at the core of conference check-in software solutions that are taking the pressure off organizers and delighting guests—all while saving thousands of dollars along the way. 

Fast Check-In

Because all it takes is a smile to confirm you are registered, touchless conference check-in software that uses facial authentication drastically reduces wait times and lines. The top solutions process a guest’s information in as little as 300 milliseconds, and these entry lanes move 4x faster than traditional systems. 

Automatic Badge Printing

A great facial authentication platform should also be highly customizable. If you need to issue badges to guests, well-designed conference check-in software can automatically print badges when a face is scanned or direct guests to the printing kiosk. This saves employees time rummaging through piles of badges to find the right one, and replacing a lost badge is as simple as rescanning your face at the registration table.

Also, if facial authentication is deployed throughout the conference at admission points for workshops and talks, a lost badge is never an obstacle. Your face is your primary identification, and the software can even timestamp entry so conference organizers can confirm attendance numbers. 

Information Is Securely Stored in One Place

All of an attendee’s conference information can be organized on their facial profile, including access information and even payment options. That puts everything employees need to know at their fingertips with a single facial scan, making check-in a snap. The top conference check-in software solutions can even be programmed to produce a personalized greeting for every guest, and staff receive instant notifications when a VIP or person with special needs arrives. 

Finally, all data is backed up by 2-factor authentication—one of which is a photo—which reduces errors and ensures their details are stored securely. There’s never any question if the name on a badge goes with the person at the registration table. 

Making Conference Check-In Easy with Facial Authentication

Checking in for a conference is the beginning of an exciting and rewarding experience for attendees, and the last thing they need after long days of traveling is getting stuck in another traffic jam. Getting it wrong can set the tone for the rest of an attendee’s day, and that’s why conference check-in software powered by facial authentication ensures they’ll have a fast, fun, and flowing experience from the entry line to the closing speaker. 

Find out more about how to power your next conference with facial authentication solutions that delight your attendees, save on space and resources, and ensure your events are a can’t-miss opportunity in the future. 

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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