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What’s New with Wicket – May 2024

May 2024 product update introducing several new features as well as updates to core Wicket products.

Our team is always pushing ahead with innovative new features and functionality for our facial authentication platform that’s purpose-built for sports and live-events, and periodically we like to share what’s new with Wicket. We continue to listen and learn from our customers and partners as it relates to their business and guest experience needs, and we’re excited to share some of our recent work!

Introducing Wicket EnrollKit and AuthKit SDKs

Wicket now offers Enrollment and Authentication software development kits for 3rd party developers to leverage our facial authentication technology in a variety of applications and use cases.   

Enrollment and opt-in workflows are how our customers onboard their end users into the Wicket platform. With EnrollKit, customers and integration partners can now easily build these workflows into their own iOS, Android, Web, and React Native applications.

Facial authentication is the core of the Wicket platform and allows for streamlined ticketing, access control, credentialing, and payments solutions. All of our facial authentication features and functionality are now available through the Wicket AuthKit SDK for iOS.

Paired Sensors For Improved Lane Management

One common piece of feedback that we’ve heard from customers is the benefit that a dual-screen offering would bring to select use cases. We went to work on creating a solution that is versatile enough to work in a wide variety of different settings and transactional environments.  

Our new Paired Sensors option allows for two Wicket sensors to communicate with each other in real time for easier attendant operation and management. There is a “Guest” device and a separate “Attendant” device, with one of them acting as an “Operator” device. This allows for on-screen actions such as the selection of tickets while the other remains “View Only” – allowing better control and visibility for staff.

Standalone ID Verification

ID verification isn’t a new feature for Wicket, and we’ve seen great success with existing solutions such as Express Beer, which uses ID verification to expedite the purchase of beer. What is new is that we’ve made the same workflow available as a standalone offering that can be utilized in a wider variety of applications use cases that require identity verification.

You can use ID verification for anything that you currently require an ID for by sharing an ID enrollment link or by sending an ID enrollment request via email. Recent examples from customers include requiring an ID to purchase certain ticket types to reduce fraud and verifying with an ID as part of event registration.

Enhanced Enrollment Sites

We’ve been working behind the scenes on a completely new architecture for how end users opt-in to use Wicket, with a focus on making it a more intuitive user experience. Our new enrollment sites have the capability to support different enrollment workflows for combined use cases like ticketing, ID verification, and payments. Custom design and branding remains, but now with enhanced controls and clear step-by-step workflows.

We pride ourselves on our opt-in-only approach that prioritizes end-user data privacy and security, which makes enrollment in our products required for every user. The fact that every user needs to go through this process emphasizes how important it is for us to make it the best experience possible on behalf of our customers – who now have more control than ever in this process. 

New Day Pass Feature

One of the great ticketing features with Wicket is the ability for a single individual to have all of their tickets associated with their face, obviating the need to check every individual ticket or face on entry. Scan one face, and the entire group can enter. However, in some circumstances, once the group has entered, individuals may want to exit and re-enter the venue or interior ticketed areas, such as clubs and suites, based on venue rules. 

We’ve built Day Pass to allow enrolled ticket holders to associate their tickets with friends and family so the entire group can independently use Wicket at designated re-entry points. Day Pass allows ticket holders to assign a ticket to a guest and for that guest to enroll with Wicket just for that event, and also different re-entry options depending on what’s allowed at specific venues and events. Whether it’s used at exterior entry gates or at interior locations such as premium suites, Day Pass is another step towards creating a sensational event experience for all guests.