Touchless Access and Facility Management

The manufacturing and management of goods demands operational efficiency, adherence to strict protocols and regulations when dealing with employees, guests, and delivery. Managing access can be challenging, and more importantly, a safety and security risk. Add to this the need to ensure employees are working within the bounds of protocol, whether it be social distancing or safety equipment, and you have a situation that can quickly challenge compliance.


The Solution for You

The Wicket Warehouse Solution is built to address these core issues, including:

  • Time-stamped access control for employees, guests, and drivers to increase operational accountability and speed
  • Presence detection in sensitive areas for improved security
  • Warehouse management for employee and loading dock protocol compliance
Wicket Access Kiosk

Why Wicket for Warehouse Management?

Our proprietary software products are built to work seamlessly with your existing hardware, creating an optimized, compliant environment. With ultra-fast, gait-speed computer vision technology, secure employee-only areas, ensure protocol is being followed, and protect your assets.

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Facial Authentication

With our Facial Authentication algorithm, your employees, contractors, and guests can safely pair their credentials and IDs with their face, allowing for time-stamped seamless access. Eliminate the risk of misused or lost credentials and ensure only the people with approved access can enter sensitive areas.

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Crowd Measurement

Our sensors provide visibility on how many employees are in any given area, with customizable thresholds to send alerts for best practices for social distancing, fire safety, safety equipment compliance, and more. Additionally, receive alerts when sensors detect persons in sensitive, low-traffic areas of your facility.


Designed to work around occlusions that cover the face, in subpar lighting, and in hectic environments.



Use as single-factor authentication or two-factor to increase security and protect sensitive areas.



Simple and easy remote management and customization of thresholds and alerting.


Easy Install

Effortless installation: already integrated into access hardware and software.

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