Streamlining The Event Experience

Wicket pairs facial authentication and computer vision technology into one streamlined platform, making it safer and easier for fans to visit and enjoy stadiums and arenas.

Facial Authentication For Live Events

Wicket’s proprietary algorithm works with smart cameras to offer an array of tools, all designed around vision analytics technology, and mastered to overcome the obstacles that large stadiums present.

Fan Experience and Team Benefits
  • Bringing down the time of ingress from nearly 20 seconds per fan to 3 seconds
  • Shortening lines at concession stands by providing crowd density metrics to fans and empowering them with facial payment and identification
  • Increase per-caps by making concessions quicker, easier, and more streamlined through mobile ordering and facial ID and payment
  • Providing tools to sales and partnership teams to enhance the VIP experience for corporate sponsors and other premium ticket holders
  • Delivering detailed audience analytics to the sales and partnership team, increasing teams and brands understanding of the fanbase

Allowing venues to reimagine how fans, VIPs and staff enter and access the stadium and event.

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Throughout the event, provide the property and the fans themselves with real time information and tools to streamline their experience.

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Wicket’s platform can enable facial payments from fan’s making concession or merchandise purchases, reducing lines and leading to more baskets with greater sizes.

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Facial Authentication

Facial Ticketing

The next generation of ingress. Fans who opt-in are able to pair their tickets with their face, facilitating entry to the venue in a fraction of the time it takes to scan a paper ticket or smartphone barcode.   

Facial Payments

Fans can opt-in to pair an ID and credit card with their face into their account within the teams mobile app. Allows for shorter lines and increased efficiencies, removing the need to show ID and swipe a credit card when picking up an order.

VIP Management

An alerting and notification workflow paired with custom preference profiles for VIPs, enabling white glove treatment for your most valued guests from the moment they arrive at the event to when they leave the facility.

Employee Access

Remove the risk of missing or misused credentials, and streamline the process of organizing game-day credentials. Restrict access to sensitive areas. Utilize as a resource for clocking in and out for hourly employees.


Crowd Management

Reduce Lines

Empower fans with a real-time look at the length of lines at concession stands, team stores and restrooms.

Protocol Compliance

Verify social distancing requirements. Gather consumer data to improve the flow of fans.


Get to Know Your Audience

  • Recognize demographic identifiers like age and gender 
  • Capture key metrics, such as impressions, views, dwell and attention time
  • Drive contextual real-time messaging to viewers
  • Offer additional context and exact metrics to corporate sponsors

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