Touchless Guest Management for Real Estate

Whether it be in residential or commercial real estate, people come and go, making it impossible to track who’s in the building and leading to a potential safety hazard. Not only this, but managing payments in eating and retail areas and ensuring news and updates get communicated to lobby screens can be time-consuming, impacting the experience of guests, employees, and tenants.


The Solution for You

The Wicket Real Estate Solution is built to address these core issues, including:

  • Touchless access control for guests and employees with time-boxed entry for increased safety and convenience
  • Remote management of digital displays for internal and time-sensitive communications
  • Back-of-the-house and delivery bay access control, powering productivity, safety, and accountability
  • Seamless payments for reduced costs and shorter lines at cafeterias, coffee shops, and more
Wicket Guest Kiosk

Why Wicket for Real Estate?

Our proprietary software products are built to work seamlessly with your existing access control hardware, creating a better, faster, and safer guest, VIP, and resident experience. With ultra-fast, gait-speed computer vision technology, ensure individuals are only allowed into the building when they’re expected.

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Facial Authentication

Your employees, guests, and tenants can safely pair their credentials, credit cards, and IDs with their face. Permanent access lists enable tenants and employees touchless entry, and short-term, time-boxed lists for guests limit access to rooms that require extra security.

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Content Management

Use our web-based content management system to publish both animated and static content, whether it be a lobby screen tenant list or video displays at an office. Design, edit, and co-create displays, schedule your content in advance, and segment content by area.



Use as single-factor authentication or two-factor to increase security and protect sensitive areas.



Allows for remote management of guests with time-boxed, recorded entry, and customizable alerting.


Easy Install

Effortless installation: already integrated into access control hardware and software.


Privacy Driven

100% Opt-in: consent is required for use of our FR software, and no photos are stored on kiosks.

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