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Tackling Pain Points for a Smoother Stadium Experience

The roar of the crowd, the electrifying atmosphere, and the shared passion for the game – there’s nothing quite like the experience of a live sporting event at a stadium. But let’s be honest, sometimes the magic gets overshadowed by frustrating pain points that can leave fans feeling deflated. Long lines at ticketing lanes and entrances, concession stand bottlenecks, and delays in payment transactions… These are just a few of the operational hurdles that can turn a thrilling day into a test of patience.

Ticketing Troubles 

The excitement of snagging tickets to a highly anticipated game can quickly turn sour when faced with lengthy entry queues. Imagine missing the opening kickoff because you’re stuck waiting for your ticket to load on your phone or the ticket is not scanning properly. Frustrating, right? With Wicket, there is no fumbling with your phone or mobile wallet – simply walk through the express entry lane where your face is your ticket. These biometric ticket lanes can verify both individuals and groups, allowing fans to get into the action up to four times faster than traditional processes.

Concession Conundrum 

The aroma of hotdogs and the allure of an ice-cold beer are part of the stadium experience. But when concession stands resemble obstacle courses, with fans squeezed in shoulder-to-shoulder, the wait for food and drinks can feel like an eternity. Hunger pangs turn into grumbles, and precious game time is lost. In fact, 94% of attendees buy food and drinks when they go to the game, but over half say they would go more often if the lines weren’t such a headache.

Payment Pitfalls 

Fumbling with a credit card or ID, or waiting for transactions to process can be a real buzzkill, especially during peak periods like halftime. Slow payment processes not only create bottlenecks but also hinder revenue potential for the stadium.

Beyond the Frustration: The Impact of Pain Points

These operational issues aren’t just inconveniences; they can have a significant impact on the overall fan experience. Long wait times lead to frustration, missed game moments, and, ultimately, decreased satisfaction. This can translate to lower attendance, negative reviews, and lost revenue for the stadium.

Tackling the Challenges: Strategies for a Smoother Flow

Fortunately, there are ways to address these pain points and create a smoother, more enjoyable experience for fans. Here are some strategies:

  • Ticketing: Implement a facial ticketing solution that allows fans to opt in, access tickets seamlessly, and quickly enter the venue alone  or with a group.
  • Concessions:  Implement self-ordering systems or express lanes for faster service. Consider cashless transactions like facial payments to expedite the process.
  • Payments: Integrate efficient payment systems that accept various contactless options like mobile wallets, tap-to-pay cards, or, for a truly frictionless experience, integrate facial payments. Explore partnerships with payment providers offering secure and fast processing.

Investing in Technology for a Winning Stadium Experience

By embracing technology and implementing innovative solutions, stadiums can transform these pain points into opportunities to enhance the fan experience. Faster ticketing, efficient concessions, and seamless payments contribute to a happier crowd, leading to increased loyalty, attendance, and revenue. Remember, a smooth operation is the foundation for creating unforgettable memories for every fan who walks through the gates. So, let’s work together to ensure that the roar of the crowd isn’t overshadowed by the groans of frustration!

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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