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Solving the Pain Point of In-Person Event Registration

Like the opening drive of a playoff game, the experience attendees have at the check-in table can set the tone for the entire event. If it’s fast, inviting, and uses some slick technology, they’ll feel like they’re stepping into a world of interest and excitement. But if it’s a sluggish hassle? 

It will color everything they see and do—and intensify every moment that’s less than perfect.

There’s no doubt that the in-person event registration process can be a major pain point for organizers, and in many cases, there’s no way around the information and logistics that have to be managed for each participant. However, while it might not be possible to reduce the scope of the job, technology can make it much easier and quicker to handle the challenge. 

Whether it’s confirming ticketing and access credentials or handing out badges, the top solutions can actually go a step beyond convenience—they’ll make this pain point a gain point for event organizers that saves on space and resources while creating a sensational experience for all your attendees. 

The Challenges of In-Person Event Registration

In-person registration processes can often be tedious and inefficient for everyone involved. From the manual entry and confirmation of personal data to slow badge printing, the process often hinders overall efficiency and drags down enthusiasm before the event even gets off the ground. Here are some of the top pain points of in-person event registration that frustrate attendees and organizers alike.

Long Wait Times

There’s no getting around the fact that waiting in line is a downer. In-person event registration tables running dated conference registration software and relying on manual processes can easily back up—even when everything goes right—and send lines out the door. The longer attendees have to wait, the more your event check-in process will tarnish their perception of your event.

Repetitive Data Checks

True in-person registrations are notoriously inefficient, as attendees have to fill out forms and confirm information on the spot. In the digital age, most of this is handled online ahead of time, but that doesn’t eliminate issues at the check-in table itself.  

If you’ve already filled out registration information, having to stand around confirming everything once you arrive can seem like an incredible waste of time. On top of that, it creates an opportunity for employees to make a mistake or struggle to find what they need, which gives the impression that you’re disorganized. That translates to frayed nerves and negative interactions with your attendees. 

Missed Opportunities

Every minute spent waiting in line for in-person event registration to finish up can result in missed opportunities for attendees. Whether it’s checking out presentations, networking with peers, or exploring exhibits, the delay in registration can impede their ability to fully immerse themselves in the event experience. This is particularly detrimental for attendees with tight schedules, as they may struggle to make the most of their limited time. 

Staff-Heavy Solutions

Event registration tables often become focal points for congestion, especially during peak arrival times. Organizers frequently grapple with managing the influx of attendees, which can result in chaotic scenes and mounting frustration among both staff and participants. 

Moreover, this congestion diverts staff attention away from other essential event tasks. Failing to address it quickly and effectively can reflect poorly on the event’s organization and may elicit negative feedback from participants.

Increased Costs and Resource Strain

Operating in-person event registration tables can be expensive and strain organizational resources. These areas typically take up a lot of real estate, and the more people event organizers anticipate, the worse the problem gets. During slow times, these sprawling entry points are dead zones of wasted space and activity, and when it’s busy, they can quickly back up.

Also, managing these areas requires dedicated staffing and logistical support, especially for large events. It costs money to train people to work in these mission-critical areas, and they either have to be prepped to do other jobs when it’s slow or simply sit around waiting. Either way, it’s an expensive and inefficient proposition. 

Streamlining Event Registration with Facial Authentication Solutions

Like many staff-heavy data challenges, technology is coming to the rescue of backed-up in-person event registration tables. Facial authentication software can confirm a participant’s registration details with a simple smile and help coordinate activities like badge printing and greetings 4x faster than traditional processes. 

The top facial authentication solutions can be onboarded quickly and use off-the-shelf consumer hardware so they are extremely affordable and easy for staff to use. With the right partner, event organizers can almost completely eliminate their in-person event registration issues overnight. 

How it Works

Upon arrival, attendees who enroll simply walk through the lane equipped with a facial authentication system. A tablet loaded with facial authentication software scans their face, verifies their identity against the pre-registered list, and grants them access within seconds instead of minutes. 

The technology streamlines attendee flow, reducing congestion at registration desks. And because it’s highly automated, it requires minimal staff to operate. In fact, in many cases, attendees won’t need anything from a staff member besides a “Welcome!” and a badge—and the top systems can even personalize greetings and send badge information to be printed!

Event check-in with facial authentication paves the way for fast, seamless in-person event registration management, and with continuous advancement in this system, you can expect even more innovative applications that will further enhance event experiences.

Here are some of the ways the top facial authentication technology makes in-person event registration one of the best methods to streamline your next event:

  • High Satisfaction Rates: Facial authentication boasts over 99% satisfaction among attendees due to its speed, convenience, and security.
  • Faster Entry: Facial authentication reduces check-in time by 4x. Attendees simply walk up, and their faces are scanned for verification within seconds.
  • Enhanced Convenience: No more worrying about lost or forgotten badges. Facial authentication provides a touchless experience, freeing attendees from juggling physical badges.
  • Improved Security: Facial authentication deters unauthorized access to the event venue by preventing badge sharing or counterfeiting. This ensures that only registered attendees gain entry into the event.
  • Optimized Space Usage: Facial authentication systems require less physical space compared to traditional check-in methods. It can free up to 75% of valuable event space for other event activities or allow for a more open and inviting entrance area for attendees.

Additional Benefits at Your Next Event

The utility of facial authentication extends beyond the initial check-in. It can be integrated into various aspects of the event to create a more dynamic and secure environment. 

For instance, event managers can use it to track session attendance and get better insights into attendee engagement. Additionally, dedicated facial authentication lanes can expedite VIP access for important guests. It’s easy to include age verification as well, and the same hardware and software that makes check-in a breeze can be used throughout the venue anywhere entry needs to be confirmed. This versatility empowers event organizers to prioritize safety, efficiency, and attendee satisfaction.

Eliminate Event Registration Hassles with Facial Authentication Systems

Facial authentication is taking the pressure off organizers for in-person event registration challenges one smile at a time. By saving space and speeding up entry, attendees will be on their way to an unforgettable experience before they even realize they’ve arrived. 

And because the very best products use over-the-counter hardware and offer a high degree of flexibility for a variety of event registration challenges, they’re an affordable way to upgrade many aspects of the live experience for your attendees. 
Begin exploring facial authentication as an ideal solution for long lines and slow services, and deliver a sensational experience throughout your next event.

About Wicket

Wicket Software is a privacy-first facial authentication platform provider with patented computer vision AI technology that enables sensational event experiences for fans, guests, and employees with frictionless touchpoints that delight users and strengthen security.

Wicket has been in use since 2020 and deployed for facial ticketing, credentialing, access control, and payments in numerous sports stadiums, at major conferences, and in corporate office environments.

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