For Everyone, Everywhere

Whether it be the Wicket Platform or an a-la-carte selection of what solves a problem for you, our facial authentication and biometrics-focused touchless software has benefits and use cases within an array of venues and verticals.


A Wicket solution designed to address common issues in stadiums and arenas, where crowds are everywhere and VIP treatment is essential.


Designed to provide safety, accountability for your employees, and white glove treatment to your most important guests.


A total retail solution built to give you complete control over you digital display campaigns, while providing access control for your employees.

Real Estate

Designed for secure management of your employees and guests, and an added layer of protection for extra-sensitive areas that need 2FA.


Built for accountability at all times, manage your employees, assets, and spaces, while providing a boost in security with facial access control.


A total solution for staff and students: make your campus safer with facial access control and remotely manage common area displays.


Our hospitality solution was designed to streamline, improve, and personalize your guest experience for an unforgettable stay.

Use Cases

Streamlined Access

Admit guests into the facility with their face, allowing for a touchless experience and reducing access time.

Internal Access

Use facial authentication for employee access control, eliminating lost or misused credentials, and restrict access to sensitive locations.

White Glove Treatment

Provide notifications to on-site staff as VIPs arrive to ensure the highest quality experience for your most valuable guests.

Audience Measurement

Understand how guests respond to marketing assets, offering insight into locations for signage, stores, and concession stands.

Ensuring Compliance

Analyze the number of individuals in a designated space to make informed decisions based on existing protocols and practices in real-time.

Quick Checkout

Pair an ID and/or credit card with a guest’s face, allowing for frictionless purchases.

Update Your Facility

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