Our facial recognition solutions and software tools have benefits and use cases within an array of venues and verticals.

Use Cases

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Facial Ticketing

Easy, expedited access to venues and facilities when guests pair their face with their tickets

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Access Control

Remove the risk of misused or lost credentials by empowering existing access control solutions

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Employee Access

Manage access to external and internal entrances using Facial Authentication

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Guest Management

Allow guests to use their face for limited access to buildings, only when and where they’re expected


Time & Attendance

Time-boxed entry increases accountability, making shift-worker ingress operations more efficient



Supplement existing solutions with an additional, more secure facial factor for especially sensitive areas



Increase accountability by ensuring only those with the right credentials can enter restricted areas


Expedited Check-in

Eliminate long registration and check-in lines for guests by using facial check-in


VIP Management

Receive alerts when VIPs enter and restrict access to sensitive areas as appropriately needed


Facial Payments

Guests can link their preferred payment method to their face, including mobile wallets


Order Pickup

Orders are connected to guest accounts, enabling simple, speedy pickup and cutting down wait times


Age Verification

Securely verify the age of persons making 21+ purchases and reduce the risks of manual ID checks

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