Data Privacy

In a world of data, it is imperative that our technology not only meet our customers’ needs but also bolster their privacy and safety. We take your trust in us very seriously and design our software to protect and securely store your personal data.

To learn how we keep your information safe, read below.

Your Face is Safe


Opt-in Only

All users must actively opt-in, and users who wish to opt-out of the program may do so immediately and at any time.


Customer Owned Lists

Customers exclusively own the database where information lives, and all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) lives on the cloud, preventing 3rd party access or sharing.


Encrypted Photos

We use mathematical representations of faces instead of actual photos, meaning devices store no photos and keep your identity safe, even when compromised.

Encoded photograph passes safely through cloud, protecting data privacy

Facial Authentication


In the case of Access Control, it is misleading to refer to the system process as ‘Facial Recognition’ in its traditional sense. Facial recognition systems like those used by law enforcement or security agencies (to identify an unknown individual by running an image through an extensive database) are based on a ‘One to Many’ or ‘1:N’ analysis. Wicket access control and ticketing products utilize a ‘One to One’ or ‘1:1’ match where the system is simply verifying the identity of an individual who has already provided consent to be in the system.

We Protect Your Identity


De-identified Data

Any information we obtain is de-identified, aggregated data, expressed as a number in a graph, and nothing else.


Data Discarded

Wicket does not record videos, and captured images are purged once analyzed. Additionally, captured images are unidentifiable as unique individuals.

Encoded photograph of man protects his privacy

Wicket Vales Your Security