Facial Authentication for All Your Needs

The Wicket Platform is designed to remove friction and improve the customer experience in sports and entertainment venues, commercial retail and enterprise buildings, as well as industrial facilities. Wicket brings facial authentication technology and computer vision analytics to empower tools that enable a touchless, speedy, and more convenient experience for customers and fans.

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Facial Authentication

AI-based facial authentication and frictionless access control to better manage your facility, secure entrances, and elevate your guests’ experience.

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Audience Metrics

Use our Facial Authentication sensors to understand who your consumers are. With actionable insights such as age and gender, optimize your content strategy.

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Crowd Measurement

Prevent overcrowding and react to congested areas in real-time with customizable alerts, all while discovering the crowdflow of your facility.

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Content Management

Our web-based, intuitive content management system for digital screens gives you total remote control over your content, communications, marketing effectiveness, and campaign schedules.


Wicket serves many industries, with our products able to fit into a variety of spaces.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for ithere’s what our customers are saying:

Wicket’s new software tools and staff offer us the ability to have an advanced, strategic approach to creating the best possible experience for the best fans in sports.


COO, Haslam Sports Group

Wicket’s cutting-edge technology makes the stadium entry process easier, faster and safer for our fans and gameday staff,  and we are excited for the partnership to identify new ways to incorporate Wicket’s systems.


VP of IT, Cleveland Browns

We are extremely pleased with how much of a security upgrade we have had in our offices with Wicket Access. The system has been a great benefit to our company and our workforce and we intend to roll this out to all six HQ offices in Las Vegas.


CEO & Chairman, Allegiant Airlines


Privacy and Security for Customers is our Number One Priority

Technology moves fast, and that can lead to uncertainty. At Wicket, it’s our responsibility to weave privacy into our products’ foundation and protect the data we store.

Facial Authentication Is Here To Stay

Consumers are already using Facial Authentication widely at scale, including at privacy-focused companies like Apple.

We are 100% Opt-In

Wicket only works with individuals who have opted-in to our platform.

Data Security

We take a thoughtful approach to data storage—our clients own all encrypted data, and we do not sell it to third parties.

Consumer Privacy

Wicket uses mathematical representations of a face instead of actual photos, so the only data on edge devices is a series of hexadecimals.

Latest Wicket News


Sports Tech 101 – Stadiums and venues

SportsPro on Wicket: An innovator in stadium and venue tech solutions.

“‘Sports technology’ is an inherently amorphous and unwieldy term. In truth, technology is having a revolutionary impact on all parts of modern sports, from how it’s played to how it’s administered to how it’s consumed.”


Columbus Crew partners with Wicket for Facial Authentication at Lower.com Field

“Our priority is to provide personal, convenient, and accessible encounters for fans that deliver a frictionless experience from the time of arrival, and that is why we have partnered with Wicket.”

Dave Jenkins.

COO for Haslam Sports Group


Columbus Crew announces matchday experience details at Lower.com Field

In partnership with Wicket, the Crew Express Access Program at Lower.com Field will allow fans to enter the stadium with one glance at an iPad, creating the first truly frictionless ingress experience.

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