Touchless Access to Open Your Venue

A Facial Authentication Platform Enabling a Frictionless Venue Experience

Wicket is a partner, not a vendor. We use our technology to create a platform that solves problems. Our solutions evolve with the industry, but always easily integrate and are designed to be very light on personnel and venue resources.

Facial Authentication
Streamlined Ingress

Pair a ticket with a fan’s face, allowing for a touchless experience when entering the facility and reducing the amount of time it takes for individuals and groups.

Ordering & Payments
Quick Checkout

Pair an ID and/or credit card with a fan’s face, allowing for touchless alcohol and concessions purchases to be made without checking the ID.

VIP Experience
White Glove Treatment

Provide instant access for VIP’s and arrival notifications to on-site staff who then have preference profiles at their fingertips to take control of the experience of your most valuable guests.

Crowd Management
Ensuring Compliance

Analyze the number of individuals in a designated space, which allows for making informed decisions based on existing protocols and practices in real-time.

Staff Management
Internal Access

Use facial authentication for back-of-the-house access control, eliminating lost or misused credentials and offering restricted access to sensitive locations.

Attribution & Analytics
Audience Measurement

Accurately measure engagement and demographics to understand how fans engage with venue assets, offering insight into locations for signage, team stores and concession stands.

Concert Venues
Office Buildings
Hospitals & Health Care Facilities

Privacy and Security for Venues & Customers is our Number One Priority

Technology moves fast and sometimes can be scary. It’s our responsibility to weave privacy into the foundation of all our products and protect the data that we do store.

Facial Authentication Is Here To Stay

Consumers are already using FAuth widely at scale, including at privacy-focused companies like Apple.

We are 100% Opt-In

Wicket only works with individuals who have opted-in to our platform. We are not “big brother” and never will be.

Data Security

We take a thoughtful approach to data storage – our clients own all encrypted data and we do not sell it to third parties.

Consumer Privacy

Wicket uses mathematical representations of a face instead of actual photos, so the only data on edge devices are a series of hexadecimals.

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