An array of cutting edge, computer-vision tools, all designed to overcome the challenges that the real world presents.

Mature Solution

Our software has been deployed and tested in the field, for many use cases and many industries. They work in changing lighting conditions, and with occlusions such as facial hair, dark glasses, hats, and even masks.

Original IP

Wicket develops its own products, 4 to-date, with the world-class team of computer vision scientists and software engineers. Wicket has a portfolio of issued and pending patents from the USPTO.

Integrated to Other Systems

Rather than a point technology, our products are already integrated into ticketing systems, access control hardware, and other systems. The software are camera and edge-compute agnostic, making Wicket easy to install, and enable capturing good ROI.

Ultra-fast Decisions

Our Facial Authentication algorithm is able to match faces accurately at gait-speed, or in less than half a second. This means there are no lines and no big backups, making guests and entrants very happy.

lowest algorithm bias
on the market
liveness detection

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