Ready-to-Deploy Facial Authentication

Wicket has developed a complete, web-based solution using computer vision AI that is already integrated with other systems so customers can start deploying high quality, Privacy-first Facial Authentication tools in their facilities. Wicket solutions have tremendous ROI, support opt-in workflow for participants and guests, and are easy to deploy.


Mature facial authentication products, deployed and tested in the field in many industries and use cases.

Top Algorithm

Wicket algorithms placed in the top 10 of the NIST FRVT 1:1 Visa Border Test, the golden standard in FR.


Our software can detect, match, and authenticate faces accurately at gait-speed, or in 300ms.


We are serious about privacy. Wicket is 100% by Opt-in—you provide your own “selfie” for access.

Proprietary AI Tech

Wicket builds its algorithms and products in-house. With 5 USPTO patents issued, more are pending.


Wicket products come integrated with ticketing systems, access control hardware, and other systems.

Face, Covered

Wicket can authenticate faces with hats, face masks, dark glasses, facial hair, and in changing lighting.

Equal Performance

Wicket provides a best-in-class experience for people of all ethnicities, with our performance proven by NIST.

Ready to get started?