Content Management Campaign Editor

Why Publish?

  • Remotely manage and push content to a single digital display, a group of them, or the entire network, anywhere in the world
  • Campaign editor with cuztomizable layouts, layering for screen displays, and widgets
  • Grouped similar content rotates based on user needs and contextual inputs
  • Content grouped by sponsor, with expiration dates
  • Campaign preview links can be sent to customers, sponsors, and coworkers
  • Use any browser to login into your Publish account and work remotely


Work remotely as a team to ensure your content is never late, and changes can be made seconds before launch


Custom Layouts

Create your own campaigns to organize your information however you want, or use templates of layouts and timelines


Schedule Content

Schedule your content or campaigns days in advance, and react to scheduling changes with no stress


Manage your content, replace images instantly across multiple campaigns, and set expiration dates for assets, automatically removing irrelevant content from campaigns.

Publish Content Editor
Publish Calendar Editor


Use the Calendar to switch out campaigns, schedule groups of campaigns for specific events, and program repeating campaigns on a schedule.


Remotely manage your display devices by grouping screens by type or area, which allows you to push new content to multiple screens in real-time or schedule it weeks in advance

Publish Network

Publish Use Cases



Keep staff, visitors, and customers up to date on most recent internal and external news, managed by area or screen location.


Place-based Ad Display

Work individually or with your team to manage and update ads in retail, commercial, and entertainment facilities.


Time-Sensitive Communications

Change content on the fly with no wait time for content that needs to be displayed ASAP.

Ad-Supported Networks

Get proof-of-performance reports for advertisers and easily monetize your network.

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