Proprietary Computer Vision Software  

Wicket’s software products and computer vision algorithms integrate seamlessly onto your screen and camera network, using pre-existing hardware to deliver touchless tools built to to allow modern, secure access management, and empower your teams with real, actionable data.


Wicket technology works efficiently in varied environments. From poorly-lit spaces to chaotic environments with moving parts. Our software also works with occlusions: glasses, facial hair, and facemasks.


Privacy Focused

Our technology is built to store only numerical representation of faces, and not actual photos. Once the guest’s information is stored into the cloud, it will be encrypted back to an edge device, allowing personal data to stay secure.


Easily Integrated

Our technology is fully integrated into access hardware, ticketing platforms and other systems, with an easy installation process. The software can connect with existing door panels or new installs, and is totally browser and network agnostic.

Access Interface Wicket

Access delivers AI-based vision analytics facial authentication, facial payment technology, and contactless access control to better manage your facility, simplify customer payments, secure entrances, and protect against threats.

  • Touchless verification for entry
  • Age verification technology reduces risks associated with manual ID checks
  • Facial recognition payment eliminates wait time and enables guest self-service
  • Push notifications to appropriate staff members
  • Applicable for any controlled opening, including physical doors and outdoor area entrances
  • Removes threat of stolen or misplaced credentials

Using vision analytics technology, Audience quickly and accurately recognizes demographic identifiers such as age and gender to allow you to understand who engages with your content.

  • Recognize demographic identifiers such as age and gender with high accuracy
  • Determine audience counts in the vicinity of the sensors at large events
  • Drive contextual real-time messaging to viewers
  • Capture impressions, viewers, dwell time, and attention time of the audience in front of a sensor to validate your campaigns with internal and external clients
Audience Interface Wicket

Publish offers an Intuitive, web-based content management system to publish content to any digital display. Design, edit, and co-create displays, and schedule your campaigns.

  • Browser agnostic—use anywhere, with any browser
  • Create custom screen layouts, with industry standard templates included
  • Entirely cloud-based. Upload your digital assets to the cloud and work individually or collaboratively
  • Manage screen content remotely from one platform
  • Get proof-of-performance reports to monetize your network easily
Publish Interface Wicket

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