Reducing Friction, Increasing Efficiency

A suite of facial authentication and computer-vision products built to streamline the experience of your guests and consumers

The Wicket Suite of Products

Access Control

Automated visual identification

  • Touchless verification for entry 
  • Push notifications to appropriate staff members 
  • Applicable for any controlled opening including physical doors and outdoor area entrances
  • Removes threat of stolen or misplaced credentials 
Content Management System

Intuitive, web-based content management system

  • Create custom screen layouts
  • Browser agnostic
  • Upload your digital assets to the cloud and work individually or collaboratively
  • Manage screen content remotely from one platform
  • Get proof-of-performance reports to easily monetize your network
Demographic Measurement

Understand who is engaging with your media

  • Recognize demographic identifiers such as age and gender with high accuracy
  • Determine audience counts in the vicinity of the sensors at large events 
  • Drive contextual real-time messaging to viewers
  • Capture impressions, viewers, dwell time, and attention time of the audience in front of a sensor
Crowd Management

Identify the number of bodies in an area at one time

  • A powerful tool that is easy to use
  • Thresholds set by the user
  • A simple notification is sent to the appropriate staff member when the set threshold has been reached

Calling All Integrators

We want to work with talented integrators from around the country to help spread the word and help us find partners who will benefit from our suite of products. Please contact us if you are interested – we’d love to hear from you!


A Platform That Fits In Many Spaces

Whether it be our full suite of products or an a-la-carte selection of what solves a problem for you, our facial authentication and biometrics focused platform has benefits and use cases within an array of venues and verticals.

Solve a variety of problems by following consumers and customers throughout their journey, increasing efficiencies and compiling consumer data throughout the process. Enhancing the experience for your guests while providing tools to be smarter and more streamlined as a property owner.


Audience and Consumer Data

Schools & Universities

Replace outdated student IDs


Restrict access to sensitive areas


Access Control for Employees & Visitors

ISM Protect at Allegiant Airlines Corporate Headquarters

Hands Free Access Control at Allegiant Airlines Global Headquarters

As a part of Allegiant’s initiative to advance the safety and security of their employees and offices, they adopted our Access facial access solution in their Las Vegas headquarters. Hoping to not only prevent unknown entrants from entering the premises, but to also eliminate the need to touch surfaces upon entry and increase the speed and ease at which employees enter, Access was their one-stop-shop solution. With the new installation, employees at Allegiant are now granted touchless access to their offices in less than one (1) second. At the same time, Access sends designated personnel mobile or desktop alerts after an unauthorized access attempt, warning them of potential threats.

Wicket Access Deploys to Protect the World’s Biggest Performer

Wicket has led the way in introducing cutting-edge, automated security solutions at concert venues across the country. To protect one of top performers in the world and support the security team tasked with safeguarding one of the largest stadium tours to date, we deployed our Access threat detection product. Working hand-in-hand with tour and local security personnel to detect possible and known threats, then coordinate alerts and responses, our system was able to positively identify key individuals, often before they were able to gain access to the venue. From a predetermined list of 300 Persons of Interest (POIs), Access identified 12 among the crowds of over 2 million total attendees.

Access Control and Security in Toms River School District

To support the staff at Toms River School District, tasked with providing a safe learning environment for employees and students, Wicket deployed Access as a touchless entry solution and a security enhancement to their administration building. During the initial pilot program, which launched amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a single entry point equipped with Access allowed employees to enter their offices safely using facial recognition, effectively limiting the need to touch locks and keypads. Access empowers administrators at Toms River School District by sending them real-time alerts when an unidentified person attempts entry.

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