Density Thresholds

Why Density?

  • Determine the crowd density in any area
  • Overcrowding thresholds that trigger alerts to designated staff when reached
  • Time-boxed manageable thresholds that allow you to adjust alerts depending on the time of day
  • Built-in reporting with actionable overcrowding and bottleneck insights
  • Easy, web-based mechanism to manage location thresholds remotely

Limit Crowds

Reduce and prevent overcrowding and lines at frequently congested areas


Improved Experience

Gather data to determine where bottlenecks are and improve spatial flow



Ensure compliance regulations are being met by your employees

Mobile Alerts

Security or operations personnel can set limits on crowds and receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded, enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately if crowds surpass limits.

Density Notifications
Density Sensors


Remotely manage, troubleshoot, and configure your Density sensors. By drawing and segmenting zones, you can determine which areas Density sensors analyze.


Our built-in analytics tool shows live Density and Crowd Limit data per property and per event, with the option to generate downloadable reports.

Density Reporting

Density Use Cases

Density_Wicket_Crowd Data_Icon

Crowd Measurement

Count the number of people in any given space to determine crowd density for immediate response, and learn where your facility overcrowds.


Crowdflow Data

With crowd density data, minimize bottlenecks, reducing check-out times and wait-time to enable guest spend.


Presence Detection

Set low thresholds in sensitive areas to ensure security personnel receive alerts when unwelcome visitors enter the location.


Location Management

Use time-boxed thresholds to boost security at various time segments, when your employees and other guests aren’t expected.

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