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Express Facial Authentication
Expanding On the Success of Express Facial Authentication Solutions
Case Study of 2023 NFL Season In Review: Cleveland Browns Expand On Success of Express Facial Authentication Solutions.
stadium experience
Tackling Pain Points for a Smoother Stadium Experience
Minimize in-stadium pain points for a winning stadium experience on gameday with solid investments in technology.
Wicket at Rainfocus INSIGHT
INSIGHTs From a Sensational Event
Rainfocus INSIGHT provides key learnings on how facial authentication can improve the event-going experience at conferences and trade shows.
How to Improve the NBA Fan Experience
How to Improve the NBA Fan Experience
Figuring out how to improve the NBA fan experience is an ongoing challenge for one of the world’s premiere sports entertainment brands.
Facial Biometric Credentialing
Facial Biometric Credentialing: The Future of Conference Entry
Wicket’s cutting-edge facial biometric credentialing system is revolutionizing the way attendees experience conferences and trade shows.
NHL Fan Experience Differentiators That Improve Attendance
NHL Fan Experience: Differentiators That Improve Attendance
More fans than ever before are flocking to the ice for a live game, but what can teams do to boost attendance and improve the NHL fan experience?