Audience Metrics

Why Audience?

  • Determines the total number of people in the immediate vicinity
  • Discovers your gender-based engagement: the split between male and female viewership
  • Discovers yout age-based engagement: the approximate age bands of the engaged audience
  • Demographic metrics such as visitor impressions, dwell time, and attention rate
  • Built-in reporting with actionable insights
  • Easy, web-based mechanism to manage sensors

Know Your Audience

Know exactly who is reacting to and engaging with your content


Analyze & Optimize

Review campaign performance and optimize your content


Real-time Updates

Tailor campaigns to viewers in real-time to drive engagement

Granular Data

Understand the age and gender engagement breakdown of individual campaigns and ads at different locations, events, and individual screens

Audience Sponsors
Audience Reporting


Our analytics tool shows live Audience Metrics with insights per property, event, screen, and content placement, with the option to generate downloadable reports.


Remotely manage, troubleshoot, and configure your Audience sensors. By drawing and segmenting zones, you can determine which areas Audience sensors analyze.

Audience Sensors

Audience Use Cases


Strategy Refinement

Update and refine your content and improve your messaging, with data to validate change


Sponsor Validation

Monetize your digital display network with actionable items and concrete metrics for sponsor ads


Individualized Content

Individualize content to the location and expected demographic with age-appropriate and contextual messaging viewers can relate to


A/B Testing

Compare and contrast the engagement rates and audience metrics for different campaigns and unique ads to further refine your strategy

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