Access Confirmed

Why Access?

  • Touchless verification
  • Fast decision-time of sub-1 second allows gait-speed entry
  • Effective with face masks, hats, and facial hair
  • Real-time, remote monitoring with with customizable mobile alerting to appropriate staff
  • Safe and secure data storage of all lists, which are fully owned by customers

Reduce Risk

Eliminate the risk of piggybacking and the misuse or loss of IDs.


Universal Protection

Secure sensitive areas, physical or digital, that need extra protection.


Touchless; Safe

Create a cleaner, safer method of entry that minimizes unnecessary contact.

Mobile Alerts

Manage your entry points remotely with our mobile app. Security or operations personnel can receive personalized alerts when your most important guests arrive.

VIP Alerting


Remotely manage all of your Wicket Access Sensors to view and configure your individual devices, update approval lists and properties, and troubleshoot issues.


Our built-in analytics tool shows live success data per property and per event, with the option to generate downloadable reports.

Facial Ticketing Reports
Confirmed Facial Access Control

Simple Registration


Add people to lists either through manual or bulk import.


Request photos from users via an email that takes them to a Submit Selfie page.


Users opt in, take a selfie, upload it, and they’re set!

Access Use Cases


Facial Ticketing

Fans can safely pair their tickets and IDs with their face, allowing them to seamlessly move through the venue.


Access Control

Facial authentication at doors, gates, turnstiles, allow entry to people on the access list and keep out individuals who are not.


Guest Management

Allow guests to have access to the building only when they’re expected, with easy and frictionless access.


VIP Management

Send alerts to staff when VIPs enter the building to provide your most important guests a white-glove treatment.


2-Factor Authentication

Supplement existing solutions with more secure facial factor to restrict access to especially sensitive areas.


Facial Payment

Guests can pair their IDs and credit cards with their face for speedy and convenient purchase at stores and concessions.

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