Facial Biometric Warehouse Management for Accountability & Safety


Reported False Positives

Nobody without permission to enter Facial Authentication facilities was allowed in

< 1 sec

To Decision

It takes Wicket less than 1 second to match someone, with masks, hats, glasses, or in poor lighting

1 ID

1 Person = 1 ID

The Wicket Platform streamlines access permissions and credentials by combining everything into one system

Touchless Facial Warehouse Management 

The manufacturing and management of goods demands operational efficiency, adherence to strict protocols and regulations when dealing with employees, guests, and delivery. Managing access can be challenging, and more importantly, a safety and security risk.

Wicket Access Control & Credentialing allows employees and guests to safely pair their credentials and IDs, eliminating shareable credentials and better protecting employees, IP, and product inventories.

Warehouse Access Control Wicket

Employee Check-in & Credentialing

Eliminate long shift-worker check in lines, ensure employees are checking in at the right place and time, and verify employees at all controlled openings by using one credential per employee across multiple buildings.

Faster ingress and egress for workers during shift-changes

Centralize ID Lists by ensuring that 1 Person has 1 ID across all spaces and buildings across facility

Aggregate credentials from multiple access control systems into a single system

Simplified and quick ID verification for drivers

Time-stamped images of access transactions confirm employees are at the right place and time, increasing security

Restrict and manage access to sensitive areas with single or two-factor authentication

Eliminate risk of unknown people and previous employees entering the premises

Set time-restricted limits that allow you to detect people in low-traffic areas of the facility

Wicket_Access Control

Access Control

Remove the risk of misplaced or misused credentials by replacing employee IDs with their face, empowering your existing access control solutions.

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